The African Capacity institute for Capacity Building and Training offers the following seminars and conferences based on the following areas of interest:

• Leadership and Governance
• Human Resource Management
• Procurement and Logistics
• Marketing and Sales Management
• Finance and Audit
• IFMIS (Integrated Financial Management Information System)
• Information Technology & Communication
• Customer Service and Public Relation (PR)
• Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Research and Development
• Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation


• Fraud detection, prevention and control, Anti–Corruption andInvestigation

• Productivity and Quality Management

• Democracy and Gender Management

• County Assembly Committee Trainings

• Legislations and Bill Drafting

• Occupation Health & Safety Training.

• Gender Management

• Fire and Safety Training & Environmental Assessment Training

• Customized Trainings as per areas identified by clients or through a Training Needs Analysis(TNA)

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