Core Values

About Us

Excellence: To champion and promote individual and institutional excellence in Kenya, Africa and beyond, in everything that we do.

Integrity: We carry out our business with openness and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards, honesty, and truthfulness in all our dealings with our staffs, customers and the community.

Innovativeness: We promote and nurture individual and institutional innovativeness and creativity through exploration and discovery.

Entrepreneurship: We support creation of new wealth and
employment, through the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Collaboration: We always seek to reach out to like-minded individuals and institutions for collaborative and initiatives

Diversity - no discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, gender, social, economic or religious backgrounds;

Commitment – We are committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our customers and employees;

Service to the Community – We participate in the development and implementation of solutions to community opportunities and problems:

To ensure Organizations and individuals remain relevant in the ever competitive Business Environment through : ensuring that we provide solutions that enhance knowledge, capabilities and skills in a way that complies with industry, government and organization mandates, and to assist organizations and professional’s best manage career, compliance and certification requirements.
Our unique solutions assist in enhancing business performance, employee productivity, career
development and knowledge leadership

          The African institue for Capacity Building and Training (AICB) is a Capacity Building Institution registered under the Companies Act Chapter 486 as a private enterprise to operate and practice as a management training and consulting firm.

AICB was formed by a group of professional Consultants from various Public and private Universities in kenya with background in various field as Accounting and Finance, Human Resource, Strategic Leadership and Management, Project Management Customer  Service coupled with a wide range of experience in both private and public sector organizations, locally and internationally.

          The expertise and experience of our team of consultants drawn from some of the top organizations and Universities such as the University of Nairobi, place us in a unique position to provide our clients with quality, result-oriented consultation, collaborative planning, follow-up and evaluation and evaluation. We assist organizations in identifying and implementing much needed change processes and leadership strategies necessary for organizational development and effectiveness to achieve corporate objectives to meet the challenges as faced by contemporary business organizations with our main objectives being to ensure organizations and professionals remain relevant.

Our Objective